Acquisition of Financial Services Company

Executive Summary

  • Region: Southeast Asia
  • Sector: Financial Services
  • Deal Size: > US$100M
  • I led and closed an acquisition of a company with a deal size of US$100M.

Key Project Deliverables

  1. Deal Origination
  2. Financial, Tax and Legal Due Diligence
  3. Price Negotiation with sellers
  4. Transaction and Preparing Legal Documents for Execution
  5. Post-acquisition Integration


Studying the loan book of the company, which had hundreds of millions worth of assets and liabilities. A key part of due diligence is also trying to understand the downside exposure, so that we could factor it into our price negotiations.
Legal Due Diligence – often overlooked, but equally important to minimize any risks after taking over the company.
Besides performing due diligence to arrive at an adjusted Net Asset Value (NAV) which would form the basis for price negotiations, we also studied similar companies in the industry to get a sense of what the market valuation was in terms of P/B and P/E ratios.

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